Case Study

Case Study

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Female, 41 year-old.

March 12, 2013, initial consultation.

Chief complain: infertility 4 years, early menstruation.

Expecting pregnancy for about 4 years. Menstruation cycle 24 days, amount less than 3 years ago, scanty and purplish color, no menstrual cramp. She had a miscarriage in July 2012, and did 3 times IUI all failed. In January 2013, she did IVF, because the egg quality was not good then IVF-ET was canceled.

Lab result: Feb. 11, 2013, hormone test: bFSH: 24.7 (21.7-15.3 post Menopausal).

Fig. 1. Before Herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment, BBT shown that luteal phase defect, egg quality not good.

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Fig. 2. After herbal and acupuncture treatment, BBT Luteal Phase – Higher Temperatures >16 days, and rise in temperature > 0.5 Fahrenheit. BBT and Pregnancy test both indicated she was pregnancy.

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